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BrokenHill Emmy

Emmanuel Njovu, known professionally as BrokenHill Emmy, is an award-winning Zambian rapper and songwriter from Kabwe. Born December 25 at Kabwe General Hospital, Emmy faced significant challenges early in life, including the loss of his father when he was five years old. Raised by a single mother and various guardians, including an adoptive family in Ndola‘s Chifubu area on the Copperbelt, he managed to pursue his education and artistic interests despite these difficulties.

BrokenHill Emmy Biography

Emmy completed his primary education at Buyantanshi Open Christian School in Kabwe and moved to the Copperbelt for his secondary schooling. During his school years, he was actively involved in drama and served as a leader in the Scripture Union at Malasha Basic School. Additionally, he played football for several clubs, including Kabwe Warriors under-17, KYSA FC, Orlando Pirate FC, and Mr. CD FC in Lusaka.

BrokenHill Emmy Biography

BrokenHill Emmy began composing music at a young age, drawing inspiration from the Zambian group Glorious Band, American rapper Tupac Shakur, and his own life experiences. His debut single, “Everyday,” featuring Mr. GC and produced by DJ 2X at X2 Entertainment in Lusaka, was released in 2014. Emmy‘s music often explores themes of real-life struggles, African culture, and entertainment. His discography includes songs such as “Background,” “Sopiteko Nakuno Messiah,” “Fikashala,” “Customs & Traditional,” “Unplanned Child,” “Lutanda,” “Dark World,” and “Lost Generations,” featuring Wezi, Macky2 and Bornvicious.

Throughout his career, BrokenHill Emmy has collaborated with various artists and producers, including Mpende, MegaBeats, Evermore Sounds, Byron and Cassy Beats. He has also been featured on Macky2‘s 10 Of 10 Vol.1 album and B Flow‘s “Sunda Station” album. Known for addressing real-life situations in his music, BrokenHill Emmy continues to make a significant impact on the Zambian music scene.

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