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Dizmo-I Choose You (Feat. Kupa Kontra)

Dizmo-I Choose You (Feat. Kupa Kontra)

I Choose You” occupies the ninth position on the highly praised album “Umuntu Mutwe” by the renowned rapper Dizmo, featuring the gifted vocalist Kupa Kontra, initiating an engrossing musical voyage. This track illustrates a poignant narrative of profound emotional attachment between two individuals who opt for each other despite life’s obstacles and uncertainties.


The creation of “I Choose You” underscores the adept craftsmanship of Dj C.O.B, whose intricate rhythms and melodies serve as an ideal canvas for Dizmo‘s compelling verses and Kupa Kontra‘s captivating chorus. With its dynamic structure and seamless transitions, the song ensnares listeners right from its opening note.