Namadingo Survives Car Accident

Namadingo Survives Car Accident
#NewsUpdate: Namadingo Survives Car Accident

There is news circulating on social media that Dr. Namadingo was involved in a road traffic accident in Malawi over the weekend. On behalf of management, we confirm the said news to the extent that the accident did happen, but that fortunately, Namadingo did not sustain any injuries, and that he is
enjoying good health.

We would also like to take this opportunity to inform all Namafans and the general public that Namadingo will arrive in Zambia, tomorrow, 15t November, 2021 aboard Ethiopian Airways at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport at 13:10 hours for his first official live music concert in Lusaka at the Show Grounds Main Arena scheduled for 27th
November, 2021.

Prior to the concert, Namadingo will carry out charity work in different communities, as he always does, and will be involved in a number of other activities to be advised in due course. All Namafans are cordially invited at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport to meet Dr. Namadingo as he arrives in the country, this time around, for his much anticipated live music concert for the public at large in Lusaka, Zambia.

Below is a press release by Elation Entertainment his record label.

Namadingo Survives Car Accident Press Statement
Namadingo Survives Car Accident