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Slapdee-Mwai (Feat. Macky2 & Elisha Long)

Slapdee-Mwai (Feat. Macky2 & Elisha Long)

The electrifying collaboration between Zambian heavyweights Slapdee and Macky2 on track number 10 of the eagerly awaited album “Black Na White,” titled “Mwai,” is stirring up a storm of anticipation in the music world. Adding to the excitement is the inclusion of the seasoned vocalist Elisha Long, whose distinctive voice adds depth and richness to the track.


In the realm of music production, the maestro Miles Came Along was tapped to weave his magic as the record producer, sound engineer, and beatmaker extraordinaire for “Mwai.” His expertise and meticulous attention to detail ensured that every beat, every note, reached unprecedented levels of sonic perfection. With Miles Came Along at the helm, “Mwai” promises to be a musical masterpiece that will leave listeners spellbound.