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Tyce Ziggy-Scars (Feat. Dalisoul)

Tyce Ziggy-Scars (Feat. Dalisoul)

In the vibrant realm of Zambian music, the spotlight shines on Tyce Ziggy, a talented dancehall performer, singer, and songwriter. His latest release, “Scars,” showcases his artistry as he collaborates with the renowned Zambian artist Dalisoul. This fusion of talents promises a captivating musical journey, blending Tyce‘s distinctive style with Dalisoul‘s seasoned vocals.


Elevating the track to its full potential is the skillful touch of record producer, beatmaker, and sound engineer, C.O.B. His mastery of production keys adds depth and richness to “Scars,” transforming it into a true masterpiece. Through this collaboration, Tyce Ziggy, Dalisoul, and C.O.B. are not only creating music but also weaving a narrative that resonates deeply with their audience, leaving an indelible mark on the Zambian music scene.