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Mordecaii & Lade-Far Away (Feat. Xaven)

Mordecaii & Lade-Far Away (Feat. Xaven)

Zambian vocalist Mordecaii and Nigerian artist Lade have released their latest collaboration, “Far Away,” featuring the exceptional talent of Xaven The Kopala Queen. This enchanting love ballad explores the complexities of deep romance, resonating with listeners worldwide. Produced by Crescent 101, the track is designed to stir profound emotions, making a lasting impression on audiences everywhere.


The accompanying music video is a visual marvel, capturing breathtaking scenes in Zambia and Nigeria. With exquisite cinematography and a compelling narrative, the video transports viewers into the heart of the song, intensifying its emotional depth and delivering an unforgettable experience for fans of Mordecaii, Lade, and Xaven.